Procreate Watercolor Kit: Unlocking the Beauty of Digital Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting has long been cherished for its ethereal beauty and unique blending of colors. The delicate washes and subtle textures created by watercolor techniques have captivated artists for centuries. With the advancement of technology, digital artists can now experience the joys of watercolor painting in the digital realm. In this article, we will explore the Procreate Watercolor Kit, a powerful tool that brings the art of watercolor to the digital canvas.

Procreate Watercolor Kit

Emulating Traditional Watercolor Techniques

The Procreate Watercolor Kit is designed to mimic the traditional techniques and characteristics of watercolor painting. The kit includes a collection of meticulously crafted brushes, textures, and color palettes that closely resemble the qualities of real watercolor pigments and paper.

Procreate Watercolor Kit

Procreate Watercolor Kit: Unlocking the Beauty of Digital Watercolor Painting

Dive into the world of digital watercolor painting with the Procreate Watercolor Kit. Experience the beauty of traditional watercolor techniques on your iPad. Unleash your creativity and create stunning artworks today!

Product Infromation

Name ProductProcreate Watercolor Kit
Compatible withProcreate
LicenseCommersial Use

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1. Realistic Brush Strokes

The brushes in the Procreate Watercolor Kit are carefully engineered to replicate the behavior of a watercolor brush. They respond to pressure, tilt, and velocity, allowing artists to create realistic brush strokes with varying widths, opacities, and textures. Whether you prefer bold and expressive strokes or delicate and transparent washes, these brushes offer an impressive range of possibilities.

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2. Blending and Layering

One of the key characteristics of watercolor painting is the ability to blend and layer colors seamlessly. The Procreate Watercolor Kit provides artists with blending brushes that simulate the way watercolor pigments interact on paper. With these brushes, you can effortlessly blend colors together, create smooth gradients, and achieve stunning color transitions.

3. Texture and Granulation

Watercolor paintings often exhibit unique textures and granulation, adding depth and character to the artwork. The Procreate Watercolor Kit includes a selection of textured brushes that emulate the granulated appearance of watercolor pigments on rough or cold-pressed paper. These brushes add an authentic touch to your digital watercolor paintings, enhancing the overall visual experience.

Expanding Creativity with Digital Advantages

While the Procreate Watercolor Kit faithfully replicates traditional watercolor techniques, it also harnesses the power of digital technology to enhance the creative process. Here are some advantages that digital watercolor painting offers:

1. Unlimited Undo and Layers

Unlike traditional watercolor painting, where mistakes are difficult to correct, digital watercolor allows you to experiment fearlessly. With the Procreate app’s unlimited undo feature, you can easily revert any unwanted changes and explore different artistic choices. Layers provide additional flexibility, enabling you to separate elements, make adjustments, and create complex compositions with ease.

2. Endless Color Possibilities

Digital painting opens up a vast array of color possibilities. With the Procreate Watercolor Kit, you have access to an extensive library of pre-selected color palettes or the freedom to create your own. You can experiment with unlimited color variations, explore different moods and atmospheres, and push the boundaries of your creativity.

3. Convenience and Portability

Carrying around a full set of watercolor paints, brushes, and paper can be cumbersome. Digital watercolor painting eliminates the need for physical supplies, allowing you to create wherever you go. With Procreate and the Watercolor Kit, all you need is an iPad and a stylus, providing a portable studio at your fingertips.

Getting Started with the Procreate Watercolor Kit

If you’re eager to dive into the world of digital watercolor painting with the Procreate Watercolor Kit, here’s a simple guide to help you get started:

1. Install the Kit

Download and install the Procreate app on your iPad if you haven’t already. Once you have the app, you can easily import the Procreate Watercolor Kit brushes and color palettes into your brush library.

2. Select a Brush

Explore the collection of watercolor brushes included in the kit. Experiment with different brush styles, sizes, and textures to find the ones that best suit your artistic vision. Adjust the brush settings, such as opacity and flow, to fine-tune the brush behavior according to your preferences.

3. Choose a Color Palette

The Procreate Watercolor Kit offers a variety of color palettes inspired by traditional watercolor pigments. Select a palette that resonates with your artwork or create a custom palette to match your desired color scheme. Having a well-curated palette ensures harmonious color combinations and adds cohesiveness to your paintings.

4. Start Painting

With your brushes and color palette selected, it’s time to start painting. Use the various brush techniques and layering methods to create depth, texture, and luminosity in your artwork. Experiment with blending colors, controlling water flow, and exploring different watercolor effects to bring your imagination to life.

5. Refine and Share

Once you’re satisfied with your digital watercolor painting, take advantage of Procreate’s editing tools to refine any details or make final adjustments. You can add finishing touches, such as highlights or textures, to enhance the overall visual impact. Finally, save your artwork and share it with the world through social media or print it to display in physical form.


The Procreate Watercolor Kit revolutionizes the world of digital art by faithfully emulating the beauty and versatility of traditional watercolor painting. With realistic brushes, blending capabilities, and authentic textures, artists can explore the captivating qualities of watercolor on the digital canvas. By combining the advantages of digital technology with the charm of watercolor, this kit expands creative possibilities and allows artists to express their artistic vision in new and exciting ways.

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